creative psychotherapy

For one is free from it only when self-esteem is based on the authenticity of one's own feeling and not on the possession of certain qualities.
Alice Miller

What to expect

Please feel free to contact me by phone, text or email. I will try to answer any questions you have and invite you to attend an introductory session.

In this session you will have an opportunity to explain why you have come and what you would like to achieve from the work. I will also ask you for some practical information about yourself and tell you a little about the way that I work.

This session is about finding out if you would like to work with me and if I am the best person to work with you.

If we both agree to continue together, we will agree a fixed number of sessions to begin with. Towards their completion, we will discus what we have achieved and if we are going to continue. At this point we can agree another block of sessions or leave the work open ended.

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